At All Saints’ Church, we are committed to teaching the Lordship of Jesus Christ over all of life. This means placing a strong emphasis on discipleship so that believers learn how to progressively surrender every aspect of their life to Christ and grow in Christ likeness.
As a church, we believe that growth involves the devotional as well as numerical and our efforts in ministry seek to reflect this.


Mentoring involves meeting on a 1-to-1 basis for personal discipleship. It aims, through personal Bible study, to help you grow spiritually in Jesus Christ and live out your faith as a daily reality.

Our approach to mentoring is designed to help you grow in the faith, to nurture emerging leaders and enable you to serve God in either full-time Christian work or in a lay vocation in whatever profession you enter.

Because of the commitment mentoring involves by our ministry team, it is only available for those who are regular members of ASC.

Going on with God

This is a course designed for those who have come to faith in Jesus Christ following a Christianity Explored course or for those seeking to be renewed in their faith. Normally organised once per term, it runs for five consecutive Wendesday evenings.

The course covers issues such as prayer, Bible reading, fellowship and service. Apart from explaining the importance of these issues, it also aims to provide practical training and so help enable believers grow in their relationship with Christ.

Home Groups

Regular members are encouraged to join one of our Home Groups which meet on a fortnightly basis at homes throughout Belfast city.

These Home Groups are an essential part of our discipleship programme and the Bible study, which is a central part of each evening, is designed to help members apply their faith to everyday life.

In addition to the Bible study, the Home Groups aim to provide prayerful and pastoral support to the members.

Each Home Group is limited to 12 members so that no one feels swamped and is able to forge meaningful friendships and enjoy real community.


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